Suran Ki Subzi

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You may call it Yam Masala or Suran Ki Subzi. This is a spicy preparation made with Indian yam, which tastes like any other non -vegetarian dish. The… Read More »


Sprouted Green Gram Salad

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Sprouted green gram salad is a simple and easy salad, which is rich in proteins. Mix sprouted green grams with nicely chopped onions, chopped cabbage, lemon juice, nicely chopped green chillies,… Read More »

Tomato n Date chutney

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Unlike a sour or hot chutney this Tomato n Date chutney is a sweet chutney which has mild tangy flavor and the sweetness of dates and jaggery overpowers the taste…. Read More »

godhi halwa

Atta Halwa/Godhi Hittina Halva/Godhi Manni

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Earlier days Wheat was soaked overnight and then grinded to extract juice to prepare Halwa. This was one method; the other way of doing it is with soaked… Read More »


Instant Nellikai Uppinakai/ Instant Pickle/ Amla Pickle

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I was watching the expressions of my friends when they were eating Bettada Nellikai. Eshtu huli!!!  Still people love to eat it, mix it with salt and spice…. Read More »

appe huli

Maavinkai Appe Huli / Raw Mango Juice

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Favorite dish of Havyaka Brahmin community. Appe Huli can be prepared only using raw Mango; we can also call it as favorite drink of summer season. Appe Huli… Read More »


Sabakki Gasagase Payasa / Nylon Sago Payasam

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There are many ways to prepare sabakki or sabudana or Nylon Sago Payasa. This sweet recipe has gasagase or white poppy seeds added that gives special taste to… Read More »


Avarekalu kurkulu/Munch – hyacinth beans

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Avarekalu is famous in Karnataka particularly old Mysore region. It is also called as Indian Filed beans or Surti Papdi Lilva. Dec – Feb (winter) is the season… Read More »

bisibele bath

Avalakki Bisibele bath

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Avalakki/Beaten rice/Poha/Flatten rice  is symbol of Krishna and Sudhama’s friendship. Different varieties of breakfast can be prepared using this. Most of the time Puha/Avalakki is prepared in simple… Read More »

sprouts dish

Molake Kaalu Palya/Sprouts dish

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Molake kaalu playa is one of the easiest, delicious and healthiest side dish. This has been my all time favorite, not only because it saves lot of time… Read More »